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I created this site to give you the opportunity to learn more about me and my practice.

As we enjoy the summer, I hope that you may be able to enjoy a day (or more) by the water. Here's some interesting research on the benefits of relaxing by the beach.

I will be away and out of the office during the weeks of August 4th and 18th and my practice will be covered by Dr Dennis Debiak, whose contact information may be found on my resources tab.

As a psychologist, a father, a husband, a runner, a first Gulf War era Army officer and a former country manager of an American business in Russia, I bring a varied and eclectic style to my work. Trained in marital, family and child therapy, I have worked with clients from childhood into retirement and enjoy the diversity of seeing people at all stages of their lives and development. 

My goal is to maximize happiness and reduce anxiety and the impediments to truly enjoying your life. To do so, I am happy to see individuals, couples or families, and look forward to seeing you! 

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Please note: My office in 13 West Third Street, Media PA, is on the third floor. 



Dr. Milbourne is a licensed psychologist specializing in work with children, families, couples and adults across the lifespan. From retirement home residents coping with end of life issues to an office practice helping families, couples, adults and children, Dr. Milbourne focuses on obtaining and maintaining good physical and mental health.

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