Dr. Milbourne is a licensed psychologist specializing in work with children, families, couples and adults across the lifespan. From retirement home residents coping with end of life issues to an office practice helping families, couples, adults and children, Dr. Milbourne focuses on obtaining and maintaining good physical and mental health. Proficient in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma and anxiety, Dr. Milbourne uses this and other techniques, such as his training in marital and sex therapy, to expand healthy behaviors and reduce distress. 

His career as a psychotherapist follows an undergraduate major in Soviet Area Studies, and five years living in Europe including two as an Army officer during the first Gulf War. Fluent in Russian, he utilizes his diverse background to bond with clients of different cultural experiences. Dr. Milbourne has extensive experience helping people overcome addictions and gain greater freedom and happiness in recovery. With children, Dr. Milbourne enjoys play therapy, and giving children restorative therapeutic experiences. 


Education, Licensing & Affiliations:

Work Life Balance

Dr. Milbourne is an avid runner, marathoner, biker, swimmer, knitter and exercise enthusiast. In many races he runs as a pacer, helping others complete their own time goals, which combines running with some of the encouragement of psychotherapy. He enjoys bringing his passion for health and a healthy lifestyle to his work with clients. But his greatest pleasure is spending time with his wife and a young son and daughter.